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Serial Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Coach and Speaker, Jessen James introduces "The Great Business Jailbreak - How To Work Part Time & Live A Full Time Life" Jessen shares tips, insights and strategies along with interviews with some of the worlds greatest entrepreneurs. All in aid of helping you break free from your business and live the life you deserve.
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Apr 27, 2015



We all have many people in our lives and as entrepreneurs we have even more. This means a lot of relationships to keep in check and lots of expectations on you! But here’s the thing, if we don’t manage these relationships, they eventually fall apart causing much stress and grief.


As an entrepreneur like you, I have many relationships to manage. I have a wife, a son, parents, siblings, friends, employees and the list goes on! Where do I possible find the time to keep them all balanced? Well, that’s what I discuss in this episode of The Great Business Jailbreak. I’ve learned the hard way about keeping relationships in check and am honoured today to be able to share this with you so you don’t have to experience the pain I’ve been through!


For me, it’s all about identifying all the people you have in your life, listing the different roles you play to these people, then setting expectations. The biggest problem with relationships is a lack of communication. Ask me how I know this!


I went through a difficult time with my wife when I was growing both as a person and entrepreneur. My biggest downfall was my lack of communication with her and not setting the expectations, big mistake! I failed to take the time out to align her with my goals and similarly, align myself with hers. If you don’t grow ‘with’ your partner, the sad thing is you eventually grow ‘apart.’


Listen in NOW and hear how taking time out to manage your relationships can not only free up more time for you, but take the pressure off! Plus there’s a really cool and simple exercise for you at the end, which is guaranteed to help you get the most out of your relationships and various roles you play!


Until next time, live freely, love openly and appreciate fully!